• Premiere
  • Multi-disciplinary
  • Spanish
  • For adults
  • Running time: 1:00 hr

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Social conventions mark our day-to-day lives. It doesn't matter that some of them are uncalled for. They are present everywhere: in the supermarket, in the queue to the cinema or when we bump into a neighbour in the elevator. Often, we don't say anything but we mean everything with a subtle nod. They are automatic and subconscious ways of communication that we use. Raised eyebrows, smiles, pats on the back or not staring at other people for too long.

"Nowhere in particular", another world premiere at Tercera Setmana, gives this topic some thought: about how those standards end up making us who we are, defining us.

Stage Direction & Performers: David Climent, Sònia Gómez y Pere Jou.
Scenography: David Climent.
Sound Space: Pere Jou y Aurora Bauzà.
Wardrobe: Sònia Gómez.
Lighting: Cube.bz

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Sala OFF Valencia
2018-06-14 | 19:00 h
Sala OFF Valencia
2018-06-15 | 19:00 h

A show by
David Climent, Sònia Gómez, Pere Jou

Barcelona, Spain

"Nowhere in particular" is a co-production of Tercera Setmana and Grec 2018 Festival from Barcelona. It is also the first time that David Climent, Sònia Gómez and Pere Jou work together. David Climent is an actor, performer, dramatist, stage director and an essential half of the company "Los Corderos, S.C.". Sònia Gómez is a dancer, a choreographer and a performer too. Since 2004 she has created her own shows, in which it is common for her to reflect on imposture and art. Pere Jou is a musician, a music producer and, just like his other colleagues, a performer too. In his CV one can find names as exciting as Sol Picó or Enric Montefusco.
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Company David Climent, Sònia Gómez, Pere Jou
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