• Contemporary theatre
  • Spanish
  • +12
  • Running time: 2:15 hr

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Mendoza is an adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth in 1910 revolutionary Mexico.

A story of ambition, violence and power; more up to date than ever. The play takes us through the turbulent years at the beginning of the 20th century in this Central American country. General José Mendoza receives a tempting prophecy from an old witch, made even worse by his persuasive wife. This marks the beginning of a bloodbath with no end in sight.

A canteen, six actors and three actresses comprise the ingredients in the staging of a play that draws from the dramaturgy of Juan Rulfo and Elena Garro.

Original Idea and Direction: Juan Carrillo
Adaptation: António Zúñiga y Juan Carrillo
Performers: Marco Vidal, Mónica del Carmen, Erandeni Durán, Leonardo Zamudio, Martín Becerra, Germán Villarreal, Ulises Martínez, Alfredo Monsivais / Roam León, Yadira Pérez
Lighting Technician: Mario Eduardo D’León
Costume Design: Libertad Mardel
Mask Design: Martín Becerra
Corrido (Mexican Ballad): Lalo Laredo y Roam León
Distribution: Carlota Guivernau

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Teatre del Raval Castelló de la Plana
2018-05-31 | 20:00 h
Teatre Micalet Valencia
2018-06-15 | 20:30 h


A show by
Los Colochos

Mexico City, Mexico

"Los Colochos Teatro" is a six-year-old Mexican company that, despite its infancy, has participated in several international festivals. On stage, they go for a critical type of theatre, true to its country's roots and of undeniable quality. Their repertoire is made of works such as "El juego de la silla" (The Chair Game), a puppet show suitable for all audiences about the Mexican Revolution; "El enigma del Serengueti" (The Serengeti Enigma), a dark comedy masquerade about desolation; and Mendoza, the adaptation of Macbeth with the backing of FONCA 2011-2012, a programme for the financing of young creators.
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Company Los Colochos
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