• Contemporary dance
  • Without text
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Running time: 50'

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The title of the play, Flicker, refers to the rapid fluctuations in the brightness of a film camera. In 1966, avant-garde artist Tony Conrad posed that flicker, and its rapid alternation between light and darkness, was the essence of cinema.

Magdalena Leite and Aníbal Conde adapt this idea and apply it to the body, while they raise the question of what would be the essence and constituent element of the performing phenomenon. The play is what it is, and it is up to the audience to seek its meaning and weave its plot.

Creation, Dramaturgy, Direction and Performance: Magdalena Leite y Aníbal Conde.
Lighting Technician: Jésica Elizondo.

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Menador espai cultural Castelló de la Plana
2018-06-01 | 22:00 h
Centre del Carme Valencia
2018-06-10 | 19:30 h


A show by
Magdalena Leite & Aníbal Conde

Mexico City, Mexico

Flicker is the fourth work of the artistic union between Magdalena Leite and Aníbal Conde, both Uruguayan born and living in Mexico. "Experimento X5", "Videoclip" and "Dance Dance Dance" precede the aforementioned work. Magdalena is a choreographer, a dancer and a teacher. Her work focuses on the search for answers to aesthetic quandaries linked to dance and contemporary art. Aníbal is a video artist and a performer. His work in the scene involves the intersection between disciplines, where he makes experimental videos centred on the formal aspect of images in motion. Flicker was created in the "Residencies 2017" program organised by "La Casa Encendida" and "CA2M", as part of the project "LOS40".
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Company Magdalena Leite & Aníbal Conde
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