• Dance, Theatre
  • Spanish
  • +12
  • Running time: 1:20 hr

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A freestyle version made for physical theatre and expressive dancing inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. Jose Manuel Mudarra directs a group of actors that leave it all on the court by playing the eternal, philosophical, ethical and artistic values of this great classic. Vengeance, betrayal, disloyalty, power, desire, madness, honour... The main character's torment is a call to action: to live or to die? To surrender or to fight? The biomechanical movements in the scene, along with singing and the performance, confer a great energetic power. This isn't the umpteenth interpretation of the drama. It's a ground-breaking shift in which metaphor seizes power.

Stage Design, Adaptation & Direction: J.M.Mudarra
Performers:: Sandra Pozo / Fernando Lahoz / Thais N. Izquierdo / Miguel Ángel Alanís/Pablo Leira/ Pilar González / Shaula Lasarte / Beatriz Arias / Gloria Claflo/ Karim Bedda (Off)
Costume Design: Carmen de Giles
Scenography & Stage Props: Fau Nadal
Makeup Design & Hairdressing: Marta Flores de Giles
Sound Space Design and Singing: Marga Reyes
Dance Consultant: Irene de Bruguera
Lighting Technician: Valentín Donaire
Sound: Nacho Pujol
Graphic Design: Enrique Obrero
Photography: Mara León y Curro Casillas
Video: Sergio Tallafet
Artistic Consultant: Evaristo Romero
Stage Manager: José Manuel Calvo
Assistant Director: Sergio Martín
Production & Distribution: Rafael Herrera / Hiperbólicas producciones

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Teatre Micalet Valencia
2018-06-16 | 21:00 h


A show by
Sennsa Teatro Laboratorio

Sevilla, Spain

We stand before an international theatre company in pursuit of corporeality on stage. An experimental exploratory agency based in "Salvador Távora de la Cuadra" theatre in Seville, which is a sign of the high technical demand of each of their staging projects that combine text, dance, acrobatics or singing.

Since their inception in 2006, “Antígona”(Antigone)(2006), “La Lección”(The Lesson)(2007), “La arena, el cuchillo y la luna”(The Sand, The Knife and The Moon)(2009), “Máquina Hamlet”(The Hamlet Machine)(2013), or “Las Bacantes”(The Bacchantes) (2014) are all clear evidence of their commitment to social change through the use of a stage language that is expressive, poetic and invigorating.

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Company Sennsa Teatro Laboratorio
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