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Coplas mecánicas (Mechanical Coplas)

Niño de Elche had already been on stage with Israel Galván, collaborating in some of their shows. But, for the first time, they have thought out and created a combined show which will reach "Tercera Setmana" Festival right after their premiere at Sonar Festival. They will be closing this third edition in Teatre Principal, in Valencia. These "mechanical coplas" manage to take flamenco music to another dimension, and they do so thanks to the coupling of the dancing and tapping of Galván and the voice of Niño de Elche, with his "quejíos", his singing, his incredible onomatopoeias.

Niño de Elche + Israel Galván

If there is anything in common between these two artists, it must be the creative freedom that their works express. In addition, they share the unorthodox approach towards flamenco: always betting on emotion, feelings and curiosity as opposed to those who support an official doctrine of stagnation. One of the members of this duo has his voice and an explosive performance, and the other with his passionate and powerful dancing, which seem to have been choreographed in another planet. A pure avant-garde phylosophy but practical and sensible on the stage. They interpret flamenco in their own way, which is also a way of being "flamenco".

Cover image of the show: Niño de Elche & Israel Galván

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Teatre Principal de Valencia Valencia
2018-06-17 | 21:00 h


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